Shane Tomlinson
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My name is Shane, I currently live in London, a long trip to get here after a 2 year stop in Buenos Aires, a 10 consecutive winter layover in Lake Tahoe, California, some short stays in Washington DC, a lot of time living in the back of vans, out of backpacks, on friend's (old and new) couches (old and new), in hostels, on snowboards, looking at mountains and canyons, in clubs dancing until past dawn, on bicycles, learning Spanish, and in front of a computer.

I am married to Charlotte - Charlotte is the reason why my life is going as well as it is, she is my moral and spiritual support, and makes me happy. Charlotte puts up with me through my bad moods, supports me when I am feeling less than confident, and is there to share when I feel like shouting out to the world how great a place our planet is.

I work for Mozilla as part of Cloud Services. I am a developer on Firefox Accounts, an authentication system that ties together Mozilla services. This is the best job I have ever had, the work and my teammates are incredible.

Need to contact me?
Phone (UK): +44 0750 383 6211
Skype: set117
Twitter: shane_tomlinson