I had a request for a demo application to better show off the syntax and capabilities of AFrameJS. While it is still extremely basic, MobileNotes makes use of many of the low level capabilities given by AFrameJS. It is using Models, Collections, Lists, DataForms, and Fields. That's pretty much all the major parts.

MobileNotes makes use of WebSQL in browsers that support it - Chrome, Safari, or Opera on the desktop, as well as the default browsers on iPhone/iPad and Android mobile devices. In these browsers, your notes will be persisted across browser sessions, without data ever being sent to the server.

MobileNotes is making use of jQuery 1.4.4, jQuery Mobile 1.0 Alpha 2, as well as DateJS.

Source to MobileNotes can be found on GitHub. Comments, suggestions, and improvements are gladly accepted.

Take a look, trace through, create your own app using AFrameJS, contribute, and make the library even better!