First rate hackers need process too

Erik Meijer and Vikram Kapoor make a bold claim in The Responsive Enterprise: Embracing the Hacker Way: In a high-tech company composed of first-rate hackers, there »

Stop bolting features onto the browser

I strongly believe in the promise of the open web. Web runtimes are ubiquitous: on PCs, phones, game consoles, televisions, and other appliances. Phonegap & Cordova »

Mozilla's new honesty

Mozilla is in the midst of a major transformation. Since Chris Beard has become the CEO, a more honest sense of reality has set in. If »

Notes on a major refactor

After a month and a bit, I am nearing the end of a major refactor to Firefox Accounts. Firefox Accounts is an authentication system that ties »

Mozillians at Work - Software Quality: Interview 2 - Brian Warner

This is a cross-post from the Mozilla Hacks article I originally wrote in August 2014. "How can we, as developers, write more superb software?" A simple »

Mozillians at Work - Software Quality: Interview 1 - Fernando Jimenez Moreno

This is a cross-post from the Mozilla Hacks article I originally wrote in July 2014. Do you ever look code and murmur a string of "WTFs? »

v0.50 Release of the Persona WordPress Plugin - Ukrainian Translations

Thanks to Michael Yunat from, the Persona WordPress plugin now supports Ukrainian! The update was released as v0.50. If your site already »

How Do You Do Code Review?

This is an excerpt from an email I wrote to my colleagues at Mozilla a couple of weeks back. Aside from the occasional gripe about how »

JavaScript Unit Test Gotcha: Element Focus

The task seems simple. Programmatically focus an input element and test whether the element received focus. Using jQuery, both tasks are straight forward: // focus the element »

l10n Gotcha: Missing charset in Content-Type Header

I ran into an l10n gotcha that consumed a couple of hours of my afternoon, hopefully this saves somebody a few minutes of trouble in the »