had to make a comeback sometime, this time it is called  I'll get bluemuppet back some day, but right now I'm being lazy.

Yeah, I am Shane, currently living in London, a long trip to get here on the long road via an extended 2 year stop in Buenos Aires, a 9 consecutive winter layover in Lake Tahoe, California, some short stays in Washington DC, a lot of time living in the back of vans, out of backpacks, on friend's (old and new) couches (old and new), in hostels, on snowboards, looking at mountains and canyons, in clubs dancing until past dawn, on bicycles, learning Spanish, and in front of a computer.

Right now living in London, living with my girlfriend Charlotte (I've lucked out with this one!), doing software development for a startup company called Ubernote, which is an incredible job, have been at it for just over 2 years and loving it.  Living in a new city is fun, after the freneticness that is Buenos Aires, London is different but no less interesting.  I have been busy trying to find my place here, but not so worried because it will happen, and in the meantime I have been enjoying it incredibly.

So hopefully, soon enough, I'll be able to write something, get back into the habit, back into form.  I don't actually expect anybody to read anything, I doubt I'll have all the picture galleries up again (that's what Facebook is for, isn't it?), more like random bits, about the city, about traveling, about living, about programming and learning.