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JavaScript Unit Test Gotcha: Element Focus

The task seems simple. Programmatically focus an input element and test whether the element received focus. Using jQuery, both tasks are straight forward:

Everything is right with the world, your tests pass – until you notice tests dealing …

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l10n Gotcha: Missing charset in Content-Type Header

I ran into an l10n gotcha that consumed a couple of hours of my afternoon, hopefully this saves somebody a few minutes of trouble in the future. Tools like po2json and grunt-po2json make it easy to convert .po files to …

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v0.49 Release of the Persona WordPress Plugin

Today I released v0.49 of the Persona WordPress plugin. This release fixes an issue with Strict Standards warnings on the admin page. Thank you Jason D. Moss for the fix!

box-sizing: border-box, padding, and min-height bug in Firefox and IE

I came across a CSS bug this week that I had not seen before. For BrowserID, we use box-sizing: border-box on all of our elements using the following snippet of CSS:

This bit of CSS makes most elements use …

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