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Taking over as maintainer of the BrowserID-WordPress (Persona) plugin

Marcel Bokhorst released the original BrowserID-Wordpress plugin less than 24 hours after we opened BrowserID up to the public. He stuck with us through the name change to Persona, has steadily improved the plugin, but would now like to hand …

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Slides for WebDevConf 2012

A huge thanks to Alex Older, the volunteers, the other speakers, and the audience at WDC 2012. I was nervous going into the event because it has been a long time since I have spoken to a large group, but …

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Jam Boxes for Node Knockout!

48 hours of hacking, this is our result. Check out Jam Boxes, our entry into Node Knockout! I’m dead tired, but what a fun, intense weekend.

Web Intents/Activities as The Future of Web Development – A Fundamental Shift

After reading both Paul Kinlan’s article on Web Intents and Ben Adida’s on what is happening with activities at Mozilla Labs, I thought it would be a great time to write an article about how this is currently being played …

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Bastardizing the Javascript Inheritance Model to Provide this.super()

WARNING: This is an experiment. Using this in a production app may have unintended consequences – be careful to test thoroughly. Background I first came up with this idea about 6 months ago while I was working deep in the …

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Starting with Mozilla

WAAAAAAAAAAH! I’ll be starting with Mozilla’s newly formed Web Apps team in just over a week, June 13th is my first day. Right now on a contractual basis, after 3 months a re-evaluation on whether they can have somebody work …

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AFrameJS Demo App – MobileNotes

I had a request for a demo application to better show off the syntax and capabilities of AFrameJS. While it is still extremely basic, MobileNotes makes use of many of the low level capabilities given by AFrameJS. It is using …

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AFrame Now Supports jQuery, MooTools, and Prototype

AFrame has been refactored so that its previous jQuery dependency has been removed! All core DOM manipulation goes through a DOM adapter, with adapters being written for jQuery, MooTools and Prototype. This means that you can now use AFrame along …

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SOOOO Many AFrameJS Updates!

There have been SOOOOO many AFrameJS updates since the project was first put up on GitHub, the ideas just keep flowing, plus it helps that I am working through a lot of the peculiarities on a new project (which is …

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MouseEmulator up on GitHub

I’ve been busy today, I also put the MouseEmulator up on GitHub! The purpose of the MouseEmulator is to make unit testing of UI Components easier in Javascript. The MouseEmulator makes a “fake mouse cursor”, and allows the cursor to …

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