Class Plugins have been added to AFrameJS! What this means is that you can create a class where every created instance of the class has a particular plugin attached. This is very useful for in instances where the code within your class depends on a particular plugin being present. A good example of this is creating a Collection Class that has a CollectionPluginModel attached to it. The user of your collection class should not need to instantiate the collection you created, but have to remember to attach a CollectionPluginModel to it. This example is the modified form of a snippet taken from a project I am currently working on.

Example of Defining a Class with a Class Plugin

The full example can be found on JSFiddle.
var userSchemaConfig = {
    id: 'string',
    name: 'string',
    employer: 'string',
    location: 'string'

// Define the Users class which has a class plugin
// of AFrame.CollectionPluginModel
var Users = AFrame.Class( AFrame.CollectionArray, {
plugins: [ [ AFrame.CollectionPluginModel, {
schema: userSchemaConfig
} ] ]
} );

// Create an use a users instance.
var users = Users.create();