Shane Tomlinson

Javascript & Front-End Developer

Professional Experience

MozillaSoftware Engineer


Working within the newly formed Identity group of Mozilla Labs on Mozilla Persona. Persona is a centralized authentication system that provides users with a dead simple method of signing into sites. So much awesomeness packed into one authentication dialog.

  • Front End – HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, DOM, jQuery, Git, Unit Testing
  • Back End – nodeJS, Connect, Express
FitMoFront-End Developer


Responsible for all things front-end. Duties include everything from taking the designer’s PSDs and hacking those into cross browser compatible HTML/CSS through to development of a large scale MVC application written using Object-Oriented Javascript. The site is still in development and cannot be written about at this time.

  • Front End – HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, DOM, jQuery, jQueryUI, JSON, Photoshop, Git, SVN
KeepFuFront-End Developer

2009 – Site no longer available

A Launchbox invested offshoot of Ubernote. Ubernote was used as a basis to develop a new product with an enhanced feature set. Duties were the same as with Ubernote, but with an increased focus on the initial phases of product development.

  • Front End – HTML, Javascript, CSS, DOM, Prototype, jQuery, jQueryUI, tinyMCE, SVN
UbernoteFront-End Developer


Javascript/HTML/AJAX front end developer that created a desktop quality application in a web browser. Responsibilities span the entire range of product development from idea generation through to final implementation of user interface and web services. The cross-browser compatible front end is implemented using ASP, HTML and Javascript with help from the Prototype, jQuery, and tinyMCE libraries. Extensive use of AJAX to present the user with a fluid experience. Special attention given to code reuse, code size, application responsiveness, bandwidth usage, application usability, and designing based on customer feedback.

  • Front End – HTML, Javascript, CSS, DOM, Prototype, jQuery, tinyMCE, SVN
Benelogic – Software Developer


Short term contract to implement a custom statistics package that monitors an F5 load balancer.

  • Visual Basic .NET, F5 Load balancers
BenelogicSoftware Developer


Short term contract to implement a custom automated reporting package that delivers daily reports to an external client.

  • Visual Basic
AirRunnerSoftware Engineer


Implement a Cisco IOS compatible command line interface and web based configuration application for AirRunner’s wireless router. In depth use of embedded Linux, TCP/IP networking, 802.11 wireless technologies.

  • C, HTML, Linux, Cisco IOS, 802.11 wireless

Personal Projects

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Penn State University, BS Computer Science and Engineering. 3.21 Overall GPA
January 1996December 2000


I have been lucky. I am an American who for the past 10 years has been fortunate enough to travel to many parts of the world. Through my travels I have had the opportunity to live in Argentina, Chile, England and in vans all over North America. As a tour guide, I got to see the northern lights in Alaska, the deserts, forests, plains and cities of the USA, as well as meet what later became my wife in the mountains of Canada. I found peace while snowboarding the snowy peaks of Lake Tahoe, California, and through that felt the magic of teaching children how to snowboard. These days, distance running occasionally takes over my entire life. I have traded in the vans and snowboards for a laptop and re-found my adolescent calling of making computers do what I want. Instead of teaching kids to find their way down a mountain, I write HTML and Javascript and love it just as much. My former passenger has become my wife – Charlotte has been heaven-sent, helping to calm my inner anxieties, challenging me to rethink why I do what I do as well as be a constant and supportive friend.

Doing it right.