Shane Tomlinson

JavaScript & Web Developer

Professional Experience

Mozilla - Senior Software Engineer
2011-current -

I write JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for authentication systems that are used by millions of people every day.

Core developer on Firefox Accounts, an authentication system that ties together Mozilla services, the Firefox desktop browser, the Firefox for Android browser, and FirefoxOS.

Core developer on Mozilla Persona, a federated, decentralized authentication system that gives users a two click sign in experience using any email address they control.

  • Front End - HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, MVC, Backbone, Underscore, RequireJS, GruntJS, Git, Unit Testing, Mocha, QUnit, Functional Testing, Selenium, The Intern, Metrics collection
  • Server - NodeJS, Connect, Express, Metrics
FitMo - Front-End Developer
2009-2011 -

All things front-end. Duties ranged from turning a designer's PSDs into reality through to the development of a large scale MVC application written using Object-Oriented JavaScript.

  • Front End - HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, DOM, jQuery, jQueryUI, JSON, Photoshop, Git, SVN
KeepFu - Front-End Developer
2009 - Site no longer available

A Launchbox invested offshoot of Ubernote. Similar to Ubernote but with an enhanced feature set.

  • Front End - HTML, JavaScript, CSS, DOM, Prototype, jQuery, jQueryUI, tinyMCE, SVN
Ubernote - Front-End Developer
2007-2009 -

I helped to create an early AJAX/client side MVC application before either of these became well known. Responsibilities span the entire range of product development from idea generation through to final implementation of user interface and web services. The cross-browser compatible front end is implemented using ASP, HTML and JavaScript with help from the Prototype, jQuery, and tinyMCE libraries. Extensive use of AJAX to present the user with a fluid experience. Special attention given to code reuse, code size, application responsiveness, bandwidth usage, application usability, and designing based on customer feedback.

  • Front End - HTML, JavaScript, CSS, DOM, Prototype, jQuery, tinyMCE, SVN
Benelogic - Software Developer
2006 -

Short term contract to implement a custom statistics package that monitors an F5 load balancer.

Benelogic - Software Developer
2005 -

Short term contract to implement a custom automated reporting package that delivers daily reports to an external client.

AirRunner - Software Engineer
2000-2001 - AirTegrity

Implement a Cisco IOS compatible command line interface and web based configuration application for AirRunner's wireless router. In depth use of embedded Linux, TCP/IP networking, 802.11 wireless technologies.

Contributed Projects

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Penn State University, BS Computer Engineering. January 1996 - December 2000