I've been busy today, I also put the MouseEmulator up on GitHub! The purpose of the MouseEmulator is to make unit testing of UI Components easier in Javascript. The MouseEmulator makes a "fake mouse cursor", and allows the cursor to be programatically moved around the page. It allows for easy dragging, clicking, moving, etc.

// moves the mouse from the center of the 
// target 10px right and 10px down.
$( target ).emulate( 'mousemove' ).x( 10 ).y( 10 ).go();

// click the mouse in the center of the target
$( target ).emulate( 'click' ).go();

// drag the element from its current position 100px 
// to the right and call a callback when complete
$( target ).emulate( 'drag' ).x( 100 ).go( function() {
    // do something here.
} );

Grab the code, make some updates, submit back, with more help, this project could make unit testing UI elements much easier!