When I asked my wife what tonight's subject should be, she immediately responded "My wife is awesome." So here we go.

Two weeks ago we spent a week in the Alps. As luck would have it, we had an entire 16 person chalet to ourselves. We called it "our mountain home" for the week, and acted as if that were true. It was wonderful.

One of the moments that sticks out for me the most is one Charlotte probably doesn't even know happened. Our bedroom had a beautiful bathroom with a huge bathtub in which both kids could bathe and play at the same time.

Charlotte started bathing the kids before I came in to the bedroom. When I entered the bedroom, I could hear both kids giggling and Charlotte guiding them in their play. Before joining them in the bathroom, I sat on the floor on the bedroom for a minute or two watching the scene with a feeling of happiness and pride, for Charlotte.

She has been a great friend, wife, and now, mother.