This week, I started a new contract job with a different company (I'll say who when I can), while still working at Ubernote/KeepFu trying to get the final touches on a new product there, and this weekend leaving to go on vacation, the world is on fire, or at least my brain is. The opportunity with the new company is really good, it is a project I am interested in using the front-end skills I have learned over the past couple of years, there are some new technologies (to me) involved as well that I am looking at hoping I can learn someday, and the idea is something I believe in, when I first heard the description of it, the message resonated clearly with me.

But the mad dash this week, I have felt this way before, that feeling that comes when first starting a new job. Because it is new, I just want to solve it all, fix it all, make everything right, and now. My interest is held purely from the freshness of it, the new problems to solve, the wanting to create, create, and do it well. And the insecurity of wanting to get it all done NOW so as to make a good impression. After working both jobs yesterday I got up from the dinner table, my eyes red from staring at the monitor, Charlotte saying, "you have to blink sometime."

I had this before, I've had this several times before. Working hard is nothing new, working long hours is nothing new. But at the same time, like Charlotte said, "I have to blink sometime." Long hours are great sometimes, I can get a lot done, but I have to remember that at some point more hours does not mean more productivity, it means less. It means stupid mistakes. It means a fatigued brain. It means I miss out on all the other stuff there is still down the 17 stairs to the door out of the flat. I know I have a vacation coming up this weekend, but I can't be dead at the start. I have to remember to eat, to run, to take a bike ride, to take advantage of the remaining warm evenings, and to be with my girlfriend.