Today I released v0.45 of the Persona Wordpress plugin. A detailed list of changes are given below, but two improvements are worth highlighting.

Improved Site Branding

The Persona dialog can be customized with your site's branding by specifying a site name, site logo, and now, background color. In addition, support for displaying your site's terms of service and privacy policy have been added. Information on these options can be found on MDN.
Fully Branded Dialog
Persona dialog when opened from

Elimination of comment spam

With the "Enable for comments" option selected, the Persona plugin helps eliminate comment spam. A Persona account will be required to leave comments, a requirement that automated bots do not yet have. Until bot writers wisen up, Persona keeps spam at bay.

Eliminate Comment Spam
Eliminate comment spam by selecting "Enable for Comments"

Installation & Code

The plugin can be found by searching for "Mozilla Persona" from the "Add New Plugin" page in the Wordpress administration panel. Alternatively, it can be downloaded and manually installed from the Mozilla Persona plugin page. Code is available on GitHub.

Changelog for v0.45

  • New Feature - backgroundColor support
  • New Feature - termsOfService and privacyPolicy support
  • New Feature - Russian Translations - Thanks Ruslan Bekenev (@KryDos)!
  • New Feature - French (CA and FR) - Thanks Fabian Rodriguez (@MagicFab)!
  • New Feature - Select one of 3 Persona button styles
  • Improvement - Localize widget buttons
  • Improvement - Updated Dutch translation - Thanks @janw-oostendorp!
  • Bug Fix - Prevent comments being accepted without assertion
  • Bug Fix - Admins can add new users
  • Bug Fix - Use Persona button for comments
  • Bug Fix - Fix live events not working with jQuery 1.9+ - Thanks @davidmurdoch!
  • Bug Fix - Get rid of the warning on the Persona settings page - Thanks @KryDos

Changelog for Past Versions

Since I have taken over as maintainer of the plugin, update posts have been non-existent. Here are a full list of the changes made between v0.40 and v0.44.


  • Improvement - Commenting for new Persona users is simpler
  • Improvement - New member registration with new Persona users is simpler
  • Improvement - Separate CSS into its own file for maintainability
  • Improvement - Replace .png signin buttons with localizable CSS buttons
  • Improvement - Pre-fill input fields with default values in configuration screen
  • Improvement - Do not show the lost password link if "Disable non-Persona auth" is selected
  • Improvement - Do not show the "default password nag" if "Disable non-Persona auth" is selected
  • Improvement - Code Cleanup.
  • New feature - A .PO file with all strings has been created for localization
  • New Feature - Spanish translations. Thanks Guillermo Movia!
  • Bug Fix - site name can now contain ' and &
  • Bug Fix - no more static warnings in strict PHP mode
  • Bug Fix - remove plugin options from database when de-activated
  • Bug Fix - incorrect button link for example button link in the FAQ


  • Continue with 0.41
  • Bug Fix - Fix the missing arguments errors
  • Bug Fix - HTML Escape the hostname when printing debug information
  • Bug Fix - Logout link from the widget signs the user out of Persona
  • Security Improvement - Remove the "Noverify SSL Certificate" option


  • Revert to 0.37


  • Bug Fix - Fix the "missing arguments" error due to not declaring the number of expected variables to Set_auth_cookie_action.


  • New Feature - Add option to disable normal username/password auth.
  • Improvement - Convert from to API.
  • New Feature - If user signs out of Persona, they are signed out of the Wordpress site as well.
  • New Feature - Easier user signup when using Persona - no email verification required.
  • Improvement - Better comment integration, especially for new users.
  • Improvement - Update the login/logout widget to match styling of other Wordpress widgets.
  • Improvement - Add a "Settings" link to the BrowserID list item in the plugins list.
  • Bug Fix - Fix a bug where server clock skew from the Persona servers could prevent users from signing in.
  • Improvement - Update "Sign in" buttons to use the new Persona button style.
  • Improvement - Unify signin and comment Javascript.

Thank you!

A huge thanks go out to everybody who stood by patiently when I accidentally pushed a version that broke their sites. Thanks also go out to Marcel Bokhorst for helping me recover from the accident, and Edwin Wong and Dan Callahan for their extensive time testing.