WAAAAAAAAAAH! I'll be starting with Mozilla's newly formed Web Apps team in just over a week, June 13th is my first day. Right now on a contractual basis, after 3 months a re-evaluation on whether they can have somebody work remotely with this new team. Really looking forward to this, a chance to be part of something completely new, a chance to help shape the future of web apps, a chance to learn off of some of the most incredible people in the industry. The biggest downer is I have to leave Charlotte for 3 months, again. I have to leave London to go off to Mountain View next weekend, really not looking forward to the late nights/early mornings of Skype, without my best friend to be with every day, to keep me calm and sane. But, BUT. The opportunity is too good to pass up, it fits in with my long term goals perfectly, I am excited to use my skills as well as to learn. AAAAAAAYE!