There have been SOOOOO many AFrameJS updates since the project was first put up on GitHub, the ideas just keep flowing, plus it helps that I am working through a lot of the peculiarities on a new project (which is not my own, so it has to remain under wraps). The documentation is coming along nicely, the API is becoming more uniform, and so many features have been added that it is silly. There are now full fledged models, data validation on both the model and HTML5 based form validation, enumerables have been added where it makes sense, the event system has undergone some major transformations and the tutorial now shows some good examples.

But, my plans are to keep going, making a clean project that is useful to me, and hopefully to others writing MVC apps in Javascript as well. My immediate plans are to do two builds of the project, one with only the model related items, and one full build. Models, schemas and observables and the other model related items are powerful enough to stand on their own, plus it will have no jQuery dependency.

I'd like to remove the jQuery dependency completely and have all DOM related functionality go through an adapter, with adapters for each of jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, and maybe YUI. No need to constrain ourselves here!

Ahhh, this project makes me happy.