7 consecutive days of posts seems like such a modest goal, and yet, I've already missed a day. So it goes. I have momentum on my side now, 2 days in a row.

The goal came about to prove a little something to myself. Since becoming a father, I constantly feel like I have no time to dedicate to the activities that kept me sane pre-fatherhood. Things like OSS, reading, writing, and distance running.

"I'm too tired to work on my project." "I'm too tired to run." "I'm too tired to read anything that requires brain power." "The kids were up in the middle of the night again." These are all the convenient half-truths I tell myself. I am tired much of the time, that much is true. I am tired because I deny myself the opportunity to re-energize.

Instead of an evening run, I watch TV or work late. Instead of working on a project, reading a book, or writing, I read lobste.rs. Instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour, I read lobste.rs until past midnight. The kids wake up between 06.00 and 06.30, repeat cycle.

These 7 days of writing are to prove to myself that I do have the time and energy to spend 30 minutes a day pursuing the activities I most enjoy, I simply have to prioritize them.