Since starting at Mozilla last June, the output of my writing has dropped considerably. This is a real shame because I feel like the quality of my writing has dropped considerably too. I am far more conscious of what and how I write, especially in email to colleagues. This has the bewildering effect that instead of sending out well written messages explaining my point of view, I send out a bunch of jumbled thoughts riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Such is the strange effect of self-consciousness.

The silly reason I have not been writing is because I added my blog to Planet Mozilla and then became very self-conscious. Planet is a Mozilla hosted feed aggregation service about other Mozillians. While there are no hard rules as to what can be posted to Planet blogs, posts are generally Mozilla project related. When I first submitted my feed URL to Planet, I submitted the URL for my entire site not knowing that WordPress could namespace feeds based on category. Since I did not want my random projects, code snippets or ideas cluttering up everyone's feed, I self-censored and stopped writing non-Mozilla related posts. This is a failure in more ways than I have fingers.

Enough of that.

I sorted out the feed thing. Now that I know WordPress can namespace feeds, I have updated my Planet feed to only include posts in the Mozilla category. Why didn't I do this earlier?